Hybrid (House of Slide Book 2) by Juliann Whicker Available March 19

Author: Juliann Whicker

Angel. Demon. Soul-Bait.

The end of the world is coming and I’m it’s salvation, unless the demon stalking me brings out my dark side and then I’ll be the one burning the world and everyone in it. Fun, right? My soulmate shouldn’t be involved in the cataclysmic mess that is my life, but for some reason, he really doesn’t want me to die. And this guy? Lewis Axel Nialls, legendary blood-worker, artist, and notorious hybrid knows how to get what he wants.

What do I want? Lewis. Obviously, but also to not be the incompetent idiot my brother Devlin made me after he took my soul for a decade. I just really hope that the world he saw and set up with his foretelling visions is the same one that I want to live in. I hate that Devlin still controls everyone around me, even from the grave, but he’s dead, so I can’t kill him. But the one I can and will kill is the demon, Galresh, who keeps attacking everyone I love, and worst of all, tries to seduce me to the dark side. If anyone seduces me, it had better be my soulmate.

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