Grrrr! (Gaia’s Design) by T M Kuefler Available March 21

Author: T M Kuefler

As a child, Masen was fascinated with a Prince. Unfortunately, that Prince is engaged to her older sister.

As an adult, Masen is living deep in a forest, hiding from the world and the pain she now knows it represents. It is there that Masen runs across a familiar set of eyes. Gage, the Prince who was once engaged to her sister. Seeing the monstrous curse that had been put up on the man who had been missing for a decade, Masen feels the need to help him.

They set off with the ultimate goal of removing the curse and returning Gage to his proper place in the world, the throne of Poseidon.

The two travel the world of Gaia in search of the items they need to preform each step of the curse removal. Fortunately, they aren’t alone. The Gods Defenders, a motorcycle club, gives them a much needed hand, collecting ingredients, healing old wounds, and fighting off monsters.

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