Horror History: Wednesday, July 24, 1991: “Tales From The Crypt” episode “Undertaking Palor” premiered

Season 3 Episode 9

A group of young local kids (Jason Marsden, Scott Fults, Aron Eisenberg, and Jonathan Ke Quan), aspiring to be horror filmmakers, break into the local mortuary in order to see a real dead body. However, they soon stumble upon a sinister conspiracy of murder and greed involving the town’s pharmacist (Graham Jarvis) and a local mortician (John Glover), in which the boys themselves plan to expose by taking the law into their own hands and film evidence of the mortician’s murderous dealings, all whilst the situation itself becomes quite very personal for one of the boys as he seeks to avenge his late father, who had died in the past from poisoned asthma medicine.

Source: Tales From The Crypt #39


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