Inseminoid (1981) (Import) Available August 27

Boasting a strong female cast – including Judy Geeson (10 Rillington Place), Stephanie Beacham (Tam-Lin) and Victoria Tennant (Flowers in the Attic) – and co-financed by Run Run Shaw of the Shaw Brothers, Inseminoid is among Norman J Warren’s most widely seen films… and his most infamous. Once listed as a ‘video nasty’, this science-fiction horror concerns a small crew of scientists who are terrorised by a creature on a distant planet. Comparisons with Ridley Scott’s Alien have been ever-present, though Inseminoid has a charm all of it’s own – it may not have the gloss or the budget, but it’s certainly a great deal of fun.

STARRING: Judy Geeson, Jennifer Ashley, Stephanie Beacham, Robin Clarke, Steven Grives



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