Female Mercenaries On Zombie Island Collection Available October 5

Female Mercenaries On Zombie Island (1995) delivers all the classic ‘90s W.A.V.E. tropes – Damsels in Distress, Cannibalism, Wonder Women, Torture, Bondage, Cat Fights and Mad Scientists – in 2-hours of eye-popping, jaw dropping micro-budget entertainment as astonishing now as the day it was shot. Camp Motion Pictures proudly presents this Shot-On-S-VHS Epic and its equally outlandish sequel Mad Doctor Of Zombie Island to home media as a Blu-ray \/ DVD Combo with two never-before-released Super 8 bonus featurettes, The Misadventures of Fanny Starr and If a God Should Fail. Female Mercenaries On Zombie Island – It’s a post-apocalyptic uprising as mercenaries battle an Evil Doctor employing brain transplants, cloning and cannibalism to rule the world! Starring Tina Krause, Pamela Sutch and Deanna Demko. Mad Doctor Of Zombie Island – The fiendish Doctor is back with a new army of clones, to continue her quest for world domination! If A God Should Fail – To save the mankind, Zeus sends Hercules to earth to battle a cyborg! The Misadventures Of Fanny Starr – Investigating her sister’s murder, Private Detective Fanny Starr uncovers a satanic plot to open a doorway between Hell and earth!