Horror History: Friday, April 8, 1988: Bad Dreams was released in theaters

From The Director Of The Craft, The Screenwriter Of Die Hard, & The Producer Of The Terminator In the mid-70s, the members of the love cult Unity Fields sought ‘the ultimate joining’ by dousing themselves with gasoline and committing mass suicide. A young girl blown clear of the fiery explosion was the only survivor. Thirteen years later, Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin of A Nightmare On Elm Street 3) awakens from a coma inside a psychiatric hospital with only buried memories of that horrific day. But now, her fellow patients are each being driven to their own violent suicides. Has the sect’s hideously burned leader (Richard Lynch) returned to claim his final child, or is something even more depraved lurking within her Bad Dreams? Bruce Abbott (Re-Animator), Harris Yulin (Scarface), E.G. Daily (The Devil’s Rejects) and Dean Cameron (Summer School) co-star in this intense horror shocker directed by Andrew Fleming (The Craft, Dick), co-written by Steven de Souza (Die Hard, 48 HRS) and produced by Gale Anne Hurd (Armageddon, T2).