The Ghost’s Royalty Available November 1

In a small 1800s Massachusetts town, a student of theology becomes fascinated with a dilapidated old country mansion. He soon learns the place is haunted by the ghost of a beautiful young woman, whose father was responsible for her death. An arrangement has been made, though, between the ghost and the father whereby he is banned from the house in return for a ghost royalty, paid to him four times a year. This wonderful B&W gothic Euro-chiller is largely overlooked by horror film historians. It is filled with exquisitely acted scenes and atmospheric moments of underlying dread. The scene where the black-veiled ghost descends the stairs is quite memorable. Laforêt has a vague likeness to Barbara Steele and is a true beauty in her own right. Definitely recommended. Based on the classic Henry James ghost story, “The Ghostly Rental.” In French with English subtitles.

STARRING: Stéphane Fey, François Vibert, Marie Laforêt, Reine Courtois, Michael Lonsdale