Return of the Witch (1952) Available November 1

One of the most remarkable films we’ve seen in 30 years of business. An archaeological team unearths the body of an ancient witch and pulls a stake from her rotted corpse. Soon a beautiful naked girl is found in the witch’s grave. The villagers are sure she is the ancient witch returned to life. She soon sets about bewitching men in the most erotic ways imaginable, without resorting to full-blown sex. The scenes of Mane dancing nude were intended to be mesmerizing—and they are! The film’s overall visual images are great. The blending of a classical-style score with a flowing sense of eroticism is haunting. In Finnish with English subtitles. 35mm.

STARRING: Mirja Mane, Toivo Makela, Hillevi Lagerstam, Sakari Jurkka