Tower of Evil (1972) Available December 20

Tower of Evil is a horror film starring Bryant Haliday as Evan Brent, Jill Haworthy as Rose Mason, Anna Park as Nora Winthrop, William Lucas as Superintendent Hawk and Anthony Valentine as Dr. Simpson. Two seamen are on a boat cruising through heavy fog on a spooky night. The boat lands on a rocky island called Snape Island, and the seamen begin to find severed limbs and bodies missing parts. They come across a young woman who is still alive and hiding in a closet. The traumatized woman stabs the older seaman, but the captain of the boat survives. Penny (Candice Glendenning), the young woman who survived is then being examined by doctors to determine how she and her murdered friends made it to Snape Island. Flashbacks disturb her and she begins to scream out loud. Penny begins to remember the ordeal and of the bearded psycho who murdered her friends. In the meantime, a group of scientists go to Snape Island to investigate the murders. They hear screams and begin to discover that a madman must have committed the murders of Penny’s friends. Several of the scientists begin to get murdered and you will be surprised at who the murderer turns out to be. Not just one murderer, but two! A delicious, haunting story for a wet, cold and stormy night!

STARRING: Bryant Haliday, Jill Haworth, Anthony Valentine, Anna Palk, Dennis Price