Piranha Women (2022) Available December 13

From the fevered mind of indie exploitation movie guru and Emmy award winning director Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Sideshow, The Bay) comes this ferocious Full Moon thriller. It’s a movie that bites in all the best ways! When Richard James becomes suspicious of his girlfriend’s new experimental medical treatment, he grows even more concerned when she suddenly vanishes. In his frantic search for her, he discovers a secret society of beautiful women, all medically altered by the mysterious Dr Sinclair. They’re something less than human. They’re Piranha Women! Get ready for the aquatic teeth-tit exploitation epic, filled with hot women, mad science, maniacal conspiracies and monstrous mammaries!

STARRING: Carrie Overgaard, Sof Puchley, Jon Briddell, Houston Rhines