Baby Oopsie 3: Burn Baby, Burn! (2022) Available April 11

Everyone’s favorite demonic toy is back with a bloody vengeance in director William Butler’s delirious finale to his sadistic, supernatural Baby Oopsie saga! After poor, put-upon vintage toy restorationist Sybil (comedian and social media sensation Libbie Higgins) is commissioned to create a new line of dolls for a shadowy company, she ends up sculpting a duo of homicidal plastic playthings whose wickedness rivals Oopsies! Will Sybil’s last gasp effort to take down Oopsie’s evil cabal of Satanic toys work? Will she be able to save her friend Ray Ray’s soul? This is the big, balls-out cinematic smackdown you’ve been waiting for! Burn, baby…BURN!

STARRING: Justin Armistead, Libbie Higgins, Lejon Woods