M-Company : In the Axis of Evil by David Hayes & Andy Rausch Available March 21

Author: David Hayes & Andy Rausch

The worst of the U.S. Military teams up with monsters to face supernatural Axis forces.

The American war effort in World War II gets wind of a dastardly Nazi plan… not only is Hitler accumulating occult weapons, he is attempting to build a monster army. The good old U S of A will fight fire with fire. FDR authorizes the Army to create M-Company and the mission is simple: scour the Earth and collect monsters to fight for freedom! Dracula! The Frankenstein Monster! The Invisible Man! The Gila Monster! The Atomic Woman! All of them, and more, are the U.S. military’s newest recruits. They better hurry, though, because Der Fuhrer has a few tricks up his sleeve!

Featuring cover art by Joshua Werner!