Wax and Wane by Saoirse Ni Chiaragain Available April 30

Author: Saoirse Ni Chiaragain

Jobless, directionless and impotently angry at the world around him, Cormac finds purpose among the Mic Tíre – a far-right organization with aspirations to transform Ireland into a primitive idyll.

His wife, Ailbhe, watches in horror as he disappears down the rabbit hole of radicalization, a process that transforms him into something more violent and monstrous than she ever could have imagined.

Feral dogs howl outside the couple’s home each night as Ailbhe struggles to leave the man she once loved, before his body contorts into something inhuman and he sets his newfound strength and bloodlust upon her.

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The Wandering Wish by MT Hart Available April 30

Author: MT Hart

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”

Edgar Allan Poe

“I’m sorry, but can you tell me where I am?”

“You are at the beginning,” she said.

“The beginning of what?” I asked.

“The beginning of The Wandering Wish.”

What is real, what is not? The journey is your own.

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Underland Arcana 6 (Spring 2022) by Underland Press Available April 30

Author: Underland Press

Underland Arcana explores the parts of our heart which we don’t want to share with others.

This issue contains stories from Gerri Leen, Mary Berman, Hermester Barrington, Kimberly Moore, Katherine L. P. King, M. Shedric Simpson, Erica Sage, and Charles Wilkinson. Stories about spending time with family, stories about finding your way back to family, stories about the terrible secrets families keep, and stories about what happens when families rot from within. Why, yes, this issue is all about those connections that sustain and inflame us.

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Trial of Roses (Law of Might Book 1) by Joshua Landeros Available April 30

Author: Joshua Landeros

Sinhar was a boy when the people of Sebel rose up in revolt against their former overlords. Through much bloodshed and strife, their lands truly became their own after a century of occupation. However, in this new era of peace and long sought freedom, tribulation rears its ugly head. Sinhar is finally old enough to join the Mystic Order, an ancient fighting force that teaches magic and molds the future protectors of the homeland. Sinhar has dreamed of joining their ranks all his life. It’s time to turn this dream into reality. In order to do so, he’ll have to overcome his enemies and own personal demons. Sinhar will be brought to his utmost limits, but the legacy of his family pushes him on. Their words will always be with him: “Suffering molds the strong.”

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Teenage Grave by Filthy Loot Available April 30

Author: Filthy Loot

Featuring: Jo Quenell, Sam Richard, Brendan Vidito & Justin Lutz

Teenage Grave brings together four of the most brutally frank and intricately surreal fictions from the modern horror underground. Combining elements of splatterpunk, body horror, and transgressive fiction. Teenage Grave will lay you bare before severing your nerves. Smiling a little too much while doing it.

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Shadows of The Soul (Banshee’s Curse Book 3) by Kristen Braddock Available April 30

Author: Kristen Braddock

Is taking a life worth saving another?

In the King’s clutches, Cara struggles to defeat him. Her ties to Killian become closer, while the others get further and further away. She will do anything to protect the ones she loves, even breaking her own code. The problem is the darkness of her magic is enticing, so much that she risks losing herself to it forever.

Perfect for fans of fated mates, enemies to lovers, complicated & diverse characters, slow burn romance, and celtic folklore.

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The Rougarou War (A Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Prequel) by Richard R. Rose Available April 30

Author: Richard R. Rose

Set in Townsend, Tennessee, at the turn of the 20th Century, this prequel to Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz tells the story of the dreaded Rougarou War. This action-packed prequel brings back some of the most beloved characters from Book 1 in their younger years. You will learn the real story of the Rougarou War and the heroic acts of a young Jedidiah Boruff, Robert Cody, and Gary Allen. You probably know these characters as Papaw, Preacher Cody, and Mayor Allen. You probably have other questions that you want to be answered.

How did the Rue family become such trusted allies to the people of Stillwater? How did the Foresters end up in Stillwater in the first place? What happened to Preacher Cody that made him trade the battlefield for the pulpit? What does a story that took place over a hundred years ago have to do with what comes next for our modern-day heroes? The answers to these questions are waiting for you.

Colonel W.B. Townsend has fallen on rough times establishing the Little River Lumber Company due to strange occurrences preventing the construction of his railroad. Detectives William Rue and Johnny Walking-Stick from the Pinkerton Detective Agency are called to find the unknown saboteurs and bring them to justice.

A new threat descends on this small developing town with nefarious plans that may one day threaten the entire world. Will the citizens of Townsend and the Foresters of Stillwater set aside their differences and join forces against the shape-shifting nightmares known as The Rougarou?

This story is a prequel, but it ties up some unanswered questions from Book 1, then ties directly into our modern-day heroes’ next big adventure. If you haven’t read or listened to Book 1, you should start there first. Enjoy this second installment in the Wild-Eyed Southern Boyz Series!

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The Reyes Incident by Briana Morgan Available April 30

Author: Briana Morgan

A local legend gone haywire.

A small-town cop.

An impossible eyewitness testimony.

Which is easier to believe—that killer mermaids exist, or that one person is worth risking everything for?

For fans of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Into the Drowning Deep comes a chilling horror story steeped in urban rumor.

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Rescuing Air (Elementi Book 5) by Elizabeth Knight Available April 30

Author: Elizabeth Knight

The Dark Lord has gone too far. It’s time to end these games.

Just when they thought they might have a chance to enjoy what’s left of their summer, now Jay’s mother is in danger, taken to be used against us. Pushed and pulled in every direction and still trying to pick up the pieces after the latest betrayal, Lailah and her remaining Knights struggle to make headway on stopping the Dark Lord.

Tired and frustrated after only finding dead ends, the group decides their only option is all hands on deck. Including Parker. No one wants him back in the mix, but the Knights need what only he can do with technology and his element.

Searching for the army the Dark Lord has been building seems to take them further, and further from the truth. The demon world is treacherous and full of lies. To survive they’ll need to believe and trust in each other—will they be able to manage that? Can they set aside everything that’s come before and ignore the tricks that demons play?

Each new challenge seems tougher, worse than the last. Will the angels finally step in, or is it going to be up to the Elemental Warriors to save everyone? Time is running out, and only fate will decide if their light is bright enough to defeat a Prince of Hell.

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