Angel’s Creed (Rev Carver Series Book 2) by Paul Sating Available March 4

Author: Paul Sating Making enemies is easy. Stopping them from killing you is the challenge. I’m more than just a Grim Reaper, assassin, and demon hunter. I’m also the target of subterfuge. With plenty of enemies already, by assassinating the Nephilim who stole the First Bowl of Wrath, I’ve now made a powerful one. But […]

Dead America: The Texas Panhandle – Pt. 5 by Derek Slaton Available March 4

Author: Derek Slaton With reinforcements arriving, Jackie leads the new allies to Dumas with the hopes of preventing an all out war between the Knights and Dalhart. Dead America – The Second Month series follows survivors from coast to coast as they deal with the threats posed by both the living and the undead.

The Devil’s Seven : Volume Two by Donny Johnson Available March 4

Author: Donny Johnson Heather Lawson’s worst nightmare came true. She and her friends ventured too deep into the monster’s world and forced it to the surface. Now, to keep her sister safe, she has no option but to follow the monster to its lair and confront the greatest enemy Greenshire had ever faced. Unbeknownst to […]

Tunbridge Wells Ghost Stories by James Ward Available March 4

Author: James Ward This is a work of fiction, not a compendium of local folklore. During an evening stroll on Tunbridge Wells Common, two old friends find a mysterious figurine. Which is when their troubles begin. Bad dreams, disappearances, sightings of things that really shouldn’t be there… and that’s just the beginning. Three young women […]