Something in My Eye by Terri Hamill Available March 5

Author: Terri Hamill Christina and Jacqui, best friends since university, face an increasingly terrifying situation—either madness or something far beyond their comprehension—as Christina battles against something only she can see through her damaged eye.

The Tortured (The Tortured Series Book 1) by Dr J Available March 5

Author: Dr J The killer has rules, and he’s meticulous in disposal. Sara Marshall, our 6th victim, looks like she just came out of sleeping beauty. She is put on display just like the first five women. Arms crossed, eyes closed, all she was missing was the glass coffin. If only the dead could be […]

The Unearthly Library by Jennifer Juan Available March 5

Author: Jennifer Juan Enter The Unearthly Library, if you dare… Discover the horrid, haunting tales of The Unearthly Library in this spine-tingling collection of horror stories from writer and musician Jennifer Juan. Filled with demons, dolls, monsters and the horrors of humanity, this collection of dark and eerie tales will keep your trembling fingers turning […]