Crossfire by Matt Drabble Available March 6

Author: Matt Drabble There is a crime war brewing in the city between the old guard and the new. Harrison Crane has stood atop the food chain for as long as anyone can remember, but now the self proclaimed voodoo princess Imatitkua Dossou and her Baka Boys are making a play for Crane’s territory. A […]

Harbinger by Jian Mu Zhao Available March 6

Author: Jian Mu Zhao My journey is filled with the loss of my innocence and my coming of age story. I, Alexandra, am a Dochani and that may not mean anything to those that read this but that is what I am. Loss of family and innocence are the hardest stories to follow and it […]

Heavy Metal Nightmares : A Phobica Books Anthology by Various Available March 6

Author: Various Twenty twisted and terrifying tales of headbanging heavy metal horror by the genre’s most talented writers. Stories to shock, scare, and haunt you with Heavy Metal Nightmares. Power metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, stoner, thrash and hard rock; within these pages you’ll find twenty short sharp shocks of frightening fiction based […]

Mooncalves : Strange Stories by Various Available March 6

Author: Various Mooncalves presents 23 stories of original fiction from contemporary writers both established and new, probing the weird borderlands of horror, sci fi, fantasy, and the truly indescribable. In this book you will find: Mothers seeking aid for their bewitched children, tours of train graveyards, the revisiting of sinister children’s programming, small towns dissolving […]

The Nightmare Trip (The Angelica Series 1) by Available March 6

Author: Micah Christopher Cyrus Schwartz is reeling from the loss of his longtime girlfriend, Angelica, after she was killed in a horrendous car accident. One year after her death, Cyrus awakens to discover he can hear her voice calling to him, beckoning him to go out and find her…and soon decides to follow every word. […]