Follow The Leader by J. J. Maguire Available March 12

Author: J. J. Maguire Trust The Few. Fear The Many. Follow The Leader. Lilith’s idyllic life in the countryside is shattered when a group of masked men invades her home on a bone-chilling winter night. When her daughter is snatched away before her very eyes, Lilith is left with no choice but to embark on […]

The Nightmare Series by S. Rogers Available March 12

Author: S. Rogers Based on actual nightmares of the author, these bone chilling stories are sure to make you shiver. The descriptions will put you along with the author in a haunting journey across the realm of dreams. Do you dare to have a read in the dark?

The Secrets of Cabalism by Anna Jane Vardill Available March 12

Author: Anna Jane Vardill Anna Jane Vardill (1781-1852), though primarily known in her lifetime as a poet, was actually the author of a significant amount of prose, using the signature “V.” One of the most interesting of these ventures is a serial she published from January 1821 to June 1821 in The European Magazine titled […]