Ascent (The Lit Series Book 2) by Mark Anthony Available March 16

Author: Mark Anthony The Circle was over. Ellie, Josh, and Sam’s world is growing, expanding with people who suffer the same bane as themselves. The cloistered Ellie must emerge from the shadows. The young Josh must learn to live with the beast that walks beside him. And Sam plays a duplicitous game to learn about […]

Blood and Belladonna : Westwood Origins by J.D. Caren Available March 16

Author: J.D. Caren “We are both in cages, you and I. Yours gilded and mine infinite, but cages all the same.” –Callum Dunn The Westwood family of casters are the most powerful in all of Calame. Eirnen Westwood, the king, is determined to see to it their legacy not only stays intact but grows stronger […]