Genesis Of The Undead (The Earth Bleeds Book 1) by Ian Thompson Available March 16

Author: Ian Thompson

After a childhood of abuse and tragedy, Connie came to live on her Uncle Mark’s farm near Amberton. Thanks to his care and dedication, she grew into a smart, resilient young woman. Years later, Connie – now a geology student – is called back to her uncle’s farm to investigate one of the first Earth’s Blood seepages. The return to her beloved home begins as a happy reunion with family and friends, but evolves into a worsening nightmare. Visits to neighbouring farms result in violent, bloody encounters against creatures which had once been human and alive… Monsters driven by their desire to feed and capable of tearing a victim apart…

Loss of communication services leads Connie and her companions to go for help… towards Amberton, where a catastrophe awaits them like nothing they could have ever imagined…

Connie and Mark’s small team grows when they meet other survivors. Some are friends, some strangers: but can they all be trusted? And the group numbers less than a dozen, against a growing army of tens of thousands of zombies. A wrong route taken, a poor decision or simple bad luck, might result in them all being eaten alive. Hopes of rescue are dwindling, and the group must fend for themselves. To avoid becoming the food of monsters, they must battle for survival.

The situation grows increasingly desperate. Can there be any escape from a town overrun by ravenous, relentless undead hordes?