Apocalypse by Jian Mu Zhao Available March 20

Author: Jian Mu Zhao The war against the orks continues and I continue to relive my ancestors lives. As I collect the lives of my ancestors that are lost in space and time the universe begins to harmonize. I am the glue of the universe and without me even the multiverse will cease to exist. […]

Bigfoot : A Terrifying Reality, Book 8 by Steven Armstrong Available March 20

Author: Steven Armstrong Fortunately, Steven and Monica escape the violent sasquatch showdown; unfortunately, a few new dangerous surprises lie just up ahead. After the newly acquainted couple arrives at the nearest hospital, it isn’t long before suspicious behavior among the medical staff arises, manifesting even more mystery. But when things feel like they couldn’t possibly […]

Chthonic Matter Quarterly : Spring 2023 by Various Available March 20

Author: Various Chthonic Matter is a quarterly offering of tales from the darkside. Its contents range in tone from the quiet horror of Shirley Jackson to the bleak stylings of Thomas Ligotti — and everything in between. This issue contains the following stories: Love Is A Ghost You See With Your Heart by Luciano Marano […]

Encounters After Dark : Volume 2 by James Madison Available March 20

Author: James Madison Every day, all around the country, average people encounter the unimaginable. This anthology will shake your beliefs. Be prepared to be terrified and unsettled by what you will read. Encounters After Dark showcases encounters out of this world curated by the author through the years. Volume two showcases stories with Bigfoot and […]

Fantasia by Ruth Watson-Morris Available March 20

Author: Ruth Watson-Morris NEW COVER, NEW CHARACTERS, NEW ADVENTURES! Fantasia, Orion, Sky, Emmina and Drakos have been chosen as one of a few to be evacuated into a small dome shaped moon bass on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Whilst there her past catches up with her and those she thought she could trust are […]

Flesh Embodied (Sufferborn Book 3) by J.C. Hartcarver Available March 20

Author: J.C. Hartcarver The God of Darkness rises… Kalea has found Dorhen at the heart of a strange cult that worships Wikshen as a living deity. There, he dwells in a euphoric haze, enthralled by witches clamoring to receive his blessing. If Kalea fails to free him from this poisonous society, Dorhen may lose not […]

Hidden Pages Of My Dairy by V Renegade Available March 20

Author: V Renegade I enjoyed writing my journal, record my experiments, never had I thought that my passion would make me record the events which were not natural they lead me to the verge of getting destroyed myself. Never wanted to to put it out but the day has come besides my wishing otherwise. Read […]

Night Hunting by Bruce Shields Available March 20

Author: Bruce Shields When a mysterious girl wanders onto the property of an Oklahoma farmhouse, the group of strangers living there debate whether to give her refuge or to send her out to die. Night Hunting, a new novella from the author of The Bone Creatures and Resistance / Submission, exists in a world ravaged […]

Origin Curse (Dynasty Codes Book 1) by Sarah Kate Ishii Available March 20

Author: Sarah Kate Ishii A curse placed on a noble family in the east has unraveled the fragile dynasty codes across the world. Yoshiko, daughter of the daimyō of Hié, has inherited an ancient consuming power—the burning dragon’s spirit, Kiyohimé. After an act of betrayal collapses the world around her, Yoshiko and her mother are […]