Origins : Book Two in the Affinity Series by L. Marie Wood Available March 20

Author: L. Marie Wood

Three people living separate lives, unaware of each other with plans that would never make their paths cross… until they did.

Origins, book two of the Affinity Saga, goes back to the beginning finding Nicole, Mark, and Eric before they met each other – before they ever came to be – all the while navigating the mind of a tortured soul who knows more than she should. Confined within the walls of a psychiatric ward discreetly tucked away in the woods of Tennessee, Patricia’s presence haunts the facility, affecting all who come into contact her and casting a pall that reaches beyond the brick and mortar to caress her estranged husband’s face.

And she’s still angry about what happened.

The second book of a genre-bending experimental series that challenges the way you think about love, life, connection, and purpose, Origins brings forth psychological horror that will cling to you – that will whisper in your ear as you try to sleep, even as it lays the foundation for a beautiful love affair.