Blood Opus (Espionage Horror Series Book 3) by L.J. Dougherty Available April 3

Author: L.J. Dougherty Jimmy Knotts is back! Pure pulp action ensues as weathered Nazi Hunter, Jimmy Knotts, embarks on a mission to rescue his mentor from a sadistic group of war criminals hellbent on resurrecting a monstrous aristocracy. From the Berlin Wall to a forgotten Nazi fortress, BLOOD OPUS takes you on a rip-roaring adventure […]

Destiny (Night Kissed Book 3) by M.R. Frost Available April 3

Author: M.R. Frost Death was only the beginning. Waking on his death slab, Graelyn found his women embroiled in the fight of their lives. To slake his Hunger’s thirst for vengeance and to protect the women he loves, he threw himself into the fight. With the revelations from his sojourn to the afterlife, Graelyn was […]

Enemy of Shadows : The Reckoning of Witches Saga by Bria Lexor Available April 3

Author: Bria Lexor In the present day California, witches live among humans, hiding in plain sight. But when the newly awakened witch, Zahara Creighton, crosses paths with a ruthless witch hunter, Chassen “Seven” End, her world is turned upside down. Seven is a member of a secret society dedicated to eradicating all witches, and Zahara […]

Overwhelm by Simon Shadows Available April 3

Author: Simon Shadows Overwhelm is the dissolution of self into the awareness that what you are is a fleeting instant in an incomprehensibly vast universe. But will this understanding lead to destruction, or will it grant liberation? In these five stories that span genres from hard science fiction to alternate-historical fantasy to gruesome body horror, […]

Rw’s Random Tales Vol 1 by Reggie Willis Available April 3

Author: Reggie Willis Rw’s Random Tales Vol 1 is a collection of 5 Short Stories Story 1 Prologue Sarah’s Life in Cakes & Pies In the heart of Cincinnati, there was a quaint little bakery that sat on a busy street corner. Its windows were adorned with the most delectable treats, each one more irresistible […]

Those Savage Stars (Star Kissed Book 1) by Cameo Renae Available April 3

Author: Cameo Renae Elara: As an infant, I was abandoned on the steps of a church. My childhood was spent in an abusive foster home. At nineteen, I killed someone. Not long after, three men in black cloaks kidnap me and whisk me through a magical portal to a world I never knew existed. A […]

Vampirium : The Vampire Dynasties Volume I by Alex Ever Available April 3

Author: Alex Ever In a medieval Europe plagued by wars and divisions, some dynasties of vampires, considered mere legends by many, are forced to face a threat never seen before. A dark and powerful evil is emerging from the underworld, summoned by a religious cult that is threatening to destroy everything that exists. To prevent […]