Dark Fairytales : Quick Bites Chapbooks by Leanbh Pearson Available April 16

Author: Leanbh Pearson We’ve all read fairytales as children – swooning princesses cast under spells by evil witches, unwary bargains made the Fae beings, mermaids longing to be human and experience true love, and the evil stepmother who tries to kill her stepdaughter out of jealousy. These were cautionary stories of good and bad social […]

The Sorrowsmith by Andy Monk Available April 16

Author: Andy Monk My name is Beatrice Clay. Part of me died during the first world war. Most of the rest died during the second. This is the story of that life. It is not the life I would have chosen, but it is the life my choices made for me. I lived most of […]

The Vengeful Spirit by Benjamin Otaigho Available April 16

Author: Benjamin Otaigho The story revolves around the tragic death of a young woman named Sarah, who committed suicide after being bullied by her classmates. Her vengeful spirit begins to haunt those responsible for her death, including Emily, one of her former classmates. Emily sets out to uncover the truth about Sarah’s death and attempts […]