Dark Fairytales : Quick Bites Chapbooks by Leanbh Pearson Available April 16

Author: Leanbh Pearson

We’ve all read fairytales as children – swooning princesses cast under spells by evil witches, unwary bargains made the Fae beings, mermaids longing to be human and experience true love, and the evil stepmother who tries to kill her stepdaughter out of jealousy. These were cautionary stories of good and bad social and moral behaviour.

But there is a much darker side to many of classily loved fairytales. Dark Fairytales explores this shadowy landscape of Fae beings granting the desires of humans who later come to regret their bargains. Stories of a girl who is gifted fine new shoes but then she nor other around her can’t stop dancing until her feet are ruined and she stands among the dead. Snow White is a story of royal intrigue, attempted murderer and revenge.

Dark Fairytales is a collection of 10 new microfiction and short stories inspired by fairytales. Each story has an Artifical Intelligence (AI) generated image specific to each story.

Prepare yourself for the dark and savage world of fairytales as you’ve never known them!