Absolute Preacher #1 2023 Edition Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #AbsolutePreacher – #GarthEnnis – Author: Garth Ennis Jesse Custer was just a small-town preacher in Texas…until his congregation was flattened by powers beyond his control and the preacher became imbued with abilities beyond anyone’s understanding. Now possessed by Genesis–the unholy offspring of an angel and demon–Jesse holds Word of […]

Escape from Zone 0 : Z-Clean Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #EscapefromZone0 – #AlbertCampilloLastra – Author: Albert Campillo Lastra Svetlana Boroviov disappears while flying over Zone 0, the epicenter of the Zombie Apocalypse. Her desperate husband, Víctor Farnese, recruits the ser-vices of Ernesto Cuzzi, a former lawyer for the Mafia, to send someone to that terrible place and recover, at […]

Hollow Girl : Blunt Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #HollowGirl – #LukeCooper – Author: Luke Cooper It haunts me. She haunts me. She should. Michael Blunt has been made the guardian of the new Hollow Girl, as directed by the original, a phantom with skin like cracked porcelain. But now his criminal past has caught up with him, […]

Mother Nature Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #MotherNature – #JamieLeeCurtisRussellGoldman – Author: Jamie Lee Curtis & Russell Goldman Discover the incredible debut graphic novel from Hollywood horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis, Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in the acclaimed movie Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Adapted from her script for the Comet Pictures/Blumhouse film Mother […]

Shaolin Cowboy : Cruel to Be Kin Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #ShaolinCowboy – #GeofDarrow – Author: Geof Darrow In order to keep a newborn Komodo dragon from joining the endangered species list, the Shaolin Cowboy must first make him an orphan and then adopt him into the ways of the “Intercepting fist” to keep their road trip from turning into […]

Spawn Origins Volume 26 Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #Spawn – #DavidHine – Author: David Hine God is not in his Heaven, and all is wrong with the world. The goddess Kali is doing some head-hunting in India while the Angel Zera takes on the Forgotten Ones in a battle for control of the hosts of Heaven. Wanda’s […]

Stabbity Bunny Volume 2 Available August 8

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #StabbityBunny – #RichardRivera – Author: Richard Rivera The saga of the Lee family continues as their true enemy is revealed. New allies, including a half-angel who can communicate with objects and listen to their history, sometimes gliumpsing a possible future, join the family. When the demon trapped within Stabbity […]