Army of Darkness vs Reanimator : Necronomicon Rising Available November 28

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #ArmyofDarknessvsReanimator – #ErikBurnham – @DynamiteComics – Author: Erik Burnham HORROR ICONS CLASH! When an archaeological dig unveils an important element from the world of the Army of Darkness, it ends up in the absolute worst hands of all: Dr. Herbert West’s. As West tinkers in God’s domain, our reluctant […]

Draculina : 90 Hours In San Francisco Available November 28

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #Draculina – #ChristopherPriest – @DynamiteComics – Author: Christopher Priest Spinning out of Christopher Priests successful Vampirella and Sacred Six series….comes Draculina. One child, two destinies: who is the daughter of Lilith of Drakulon? Is she a streetwise runaway human preteen, or is she Vampirella’s deadly siren night-stalker evil twin? […]

Lady Hel Available November 28

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #LadyHel – #ErikBurnham – @DynamiteComics – Author: Erik Burnham LADY HEL IS BACK TO RECLAIM HER THRONE – NO MATTER WHO HAS TO PAY! She is the very personification of death – or at least she WAS. When we last saw Lady Hel, she was paying the price for […]

All Eight Eyes Available November 28

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #AllEightEyes – #SteveFoxe – @DarkHorseComics – Author: Steve Foxe In the forgotten corners of post-9/11 New York City, skittering shapes in the darkness prey on the people society leaves behind. College dropout Vin Spencer floats through life in a drug-and-party-fueled haze, until one terrible night sweeps him into a […]

Oni Ronin Available November 28

#horror – #horrorcomics – #comicbooks – #OniRonin – #KoheiNagamine – @DarkHorseComics – Author: Kohei Nagamine Set in Japan during the Sengoku or “Warring States” period, Oni Ronin is a tale of cowardice, sacrifice, and redemption. Combining historically accurate characters and locations with mythical kitsune and malevolent demons from Japanese folklore, Oni Ronin is the redemption […]