Leave (2022) Available August 8

#horror – #horrormovies – #Leave – #RLJEntertainment – @RLJEfilms – A young woman tries to find her origins after having been abandoned as an infant at a cemetery, but as she gets closer to answers, a malevolent spirit tells her to leave. STARRING: Alicia von Rittberg, Herman Tommeraas, Stig R. Amdam

The Wrath of Becky (2023) Available August 8

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheWrathofBecky – #QuiverDistribution – Two years after escaping an attack on her family, Becky is attempting to rebuild her life. But when her home is broken into by a group called the Noble Men and they take her beloved dog Diego, she returns to her old ways to protect herself. STARRING: […]

Mind Melters 14 Available August 8

#horror – #horrormovies – #MindMelters14 – #AcidBath – See big breasted bikini girls melting from fluoroantimonic acid, never before seen footage from behind the scenes of Hack Job as well as Bite School, and the trailer for Hell-E-vator will take you to the 13th floor of hell itself! Mad Mad director James Balsamo does it […]

James Balsamo Rocks My Socks Off Available August 8

#horror – #horrormovies – #JamesBalsamoRocksMySocksOff – #AlliedVaughn – James Balsamo rocks your socks off with 2 films filled with music videos from bands he was in before he was making monster movies! STARRING: James Balsamo, Marky Ramone