August Underground (2001) (Limited Edition Blu-ray + DVD) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #AugustUnderground – #UnearthedFilms – @Unearthedfilms – THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE MOVIE EVER MADE! Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape. Curiosity piqued, you take it home and pop it in. What starts off as a couple of men screwing around with a video camera quickly transforms into an […]

Evil Building (2022) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #EvilBuilding – #WildEyeReleasing – @WildEyeMovies – A group of top European underground filmmakers invite us inside the Evil Building for several horrific tales of the macabre. There exists a place beyond horror, beyond suffering. It is a building we walk past everyday and think nothing about. But it has a life, […]

Mondo Shock (2016) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #MondoShock – #WildEyeRaw – @WildEyeMovies – Mondo Shock dives deep into the dark and ugly recesses of found footage on the internet and in underground video trading communities to present an incredibly shocking and gut-twisting compilation of creepiness sure to leave you without sleep and afraid of the shadows. Featuring ghosts, […]

Nefarious (2023) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #Nefarious – #SoliDeoGloriaReleasingofTexas – On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own. STARRING: Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, […]

Satan’s Sadists (1969) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #SatansSadists – #CheezyMovies – Anchor leads a very cruel biker gang. The gang stops at a diner in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. There they terrorize the staff and patrons. After a little killing one of the patrons escapes into the desert. He must reach safety before the […]

Shockumentary (2015) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #Shockumentary – #WildEyeRaw – @WildEyeMovies – A group of hardcore horror movie fans discover that their local video rental store is making snuff films in its basement and renting them out to unsuspecting customers. And now they have become the latest prospects for the sadistic owner’s next production. STARRING: Schuylar Craig, […]

The Stay Awake (1988) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheStayAwake – #CheezyMovies – There is a ghost at the Catholic girls school. The ghost was a serial killer who was executed for murdering students. Now he’s back to take revenge on the current student body. STARRING: Shirley Jane Harris

Terror At Red Wolf Inn (1972) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #TerrorAtRedWolfInn – #CheezyMovies – When Regina returns to her college dorm room she finds she has won a getaway at the Red Wolf Inn. Before she has time to tell anyone her transport to the inn arrives. The inn is run by a kindly old couple and it’s beautiful with fantastic […]

Theatre Of Death (1967) Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheatreOfDeath – #CheezyFlicks – Paris is the home of the Theatre of Death, a venue that specializes in horror presentations. A surgeon for the police department becomes attracted to one of the performers. When bodes start piling up all over town he realizes there could be ties to the theatre. STARRING: […]

Barbara Steele: The Original Scream Queen Collection Available August 15

#horror – #horrormovies – #BarbaraSteeleTheOriginalScreamQueenCollection – #AlliedVaughn – Barbara Steele, “the First Lady of Horror”, stars in four classic Italian-produced shockers: “The Ghost” (1963), “Terror-Creatures from the Grave” (1965), “Nightmare Castle” (1965), and “She Beast” (1966). STARRING: Barbara Steele