Acid Bath Productions Vol. 10 Available September 5

#horror – #horrormovies – #AcidBathProductionsVol10 – #AcidBath – See four fiendish films from mad man director James Balsamo in Acid Bath Vol. 10! This fright four feature film pack includes “Mind Melters 13”, “Mind Melters 14”, “Mark & Clark World Adventurers”, and “Slice 2!” The gorey golf film slasher sequel that will leave a hole […]

Mind Melters 15 Available September 5

#horror – #horrormovies – #MindMelters15 – #AcidBath – See strippig witch doctors, stunning stop-motion, and a never before scene from “I Spill Your Guts 2”! This collection of short films, and horror movie trailers from mad man director James Balsamo will leave you screaming for “Mind Melters 15”! STARRING: James Balsamo, Marc Sheffler, G. Larry […]

Mother, May I? (2023) Available September 5

#horror – #horrormovies – #MotherMayI? – #DarkSkyFilms – @darkskyfilms – Emmett wants to sell his recently deceased mother’s house, but lingering memories of childhood abuse soon emerge when he and his fiancé Anya stay the night. Anya convinces him to take mushrooms to get him to let go. But something strange happens while they’re tripping: […]

Acid Bath Productions Vol. 9 Available September 5

#horror – #horrormovies – #AcidBathProductionsVol9 – #AcidBath – AcidBath Vol. 9 brings together four ferocious film from famous filmmaker James Balsamo! Including “Mind Melters 11”, “Mind Melters 12”, “Sexy Time 6”, “James Balsamo Knows How To Rock 2”! A film collection so fine we named it AcidBath Vol. 9! STARRING: James Balsamo

Jack Pepper Banshee Hunter Available September 5

#horror – #horrormovies – #JackPepperBansheeHunter – #AcidBath – Big breasted banshees haunt Jack Pepper! They devour the souls of the weak and use their shrill shrieks to scare the innocent. Only one man can stop these creatures from taking over the world, that man is Jack Pepper banshee hunter! Banshees can possess dolls to attack […]