Pig Killer (2022) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #PigKiller – #DarkStarPictures – @DarkStarPics – Based on the terrifying true story of Robert ‘Willy’ Pickton, the pig farmer cum prolific lady killer whose horrific crimes shocked the world. PIG KILLER graphically depicts Pickton’s felonious farmhouse of rape, torture, slaughter and dismemberment of almost fifty women. With his herculean hog, Balthazar, […]

The Runner (2022) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheRunner – #YellowVeilPictures – A strange, bloodied woman travels to a secluded, rural town. STARRING: Kris Esfandiari, Cameron Findlay, Cooper B. Handy, James Duval, Mariana Saldaña

Boggy Creek (2019) : The Series Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #BoggyCreek – #RetroMedia – Head to the legendary backwoods of Boggy Creek, Arkansas in the complete First Season of Boggy Creek – The Series, from Henrique Couto and Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer, Fred Olen Ray. Join the American Yeti Project as they investigate the strange events surround the spooky swamp and […]

Killer Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #Killer – #AlliedVaughn – In March of 2020, a pandemic strikes the world. Ten friends decide to quarantine under the same roof. Unfortunately, one of them is a killer. STARRING: Madison Alexander, Larshay Watson, Blaine Jewell

The Blue Jean Monster (1991) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #TheBlueJeanMonster – #88Films – @88_Films – The Blue Jean Monster is a 1991 Hong Kong horror-comedy film directed by Ivan Lai. The movie is about a police officer named Joe who has a happy life with his pregnant wife. One day he gets a tip that a bank is about to […]

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (2020) Available December 26

‘#horror – #horrormovies – #TheBrainThatWouldntDie – #Filmhub – In this satirical sendup of the cult classic, a morally dubious surgeon revives his fiancee’s severed head and sets out to find her a new body by any means necessary. STARRING: Rachael Perrell Fosket, Patrick D. Green, David Withers

Chest (2022) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #Chest – #Filmhub – While filming a documentary series about Appalachian folklore, a crew of amateur filmmakers uncover the legend of a mysterious box hidden away deep in the mountains of East Tennessee. Three years later, their footage was found. Based on real events. STARRING: Dean Shortland, Ted Welch, Jessejames Locorriere

Continuum (2012) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #Continuum – #Filmhub – A beautiful young woman awakens aboard an adrift space ship with no memory of who she is or how she got there and at the mercy of the ship’s mysterious computer. STARRING: Melanie Merkosky, Brad Hawkins, Taryn O’Neill

Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You (2012) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #DontLetTheRiverbeastGetYou – #Filmhub – After 3 years of self-imposed exile, a tutor voyages home to resume his life’s work. When a mysterious woman helps him locate the Riverbeast that terrorizes the town, he forms a task force of freedom fighters to battle the aquatic monster! STARRING: Matt Farley, Kevin McGee, Sharon […]

House Of Temptation (2014) Available December 26

#horror – #horrormovies – #HouseOfTemptation – #Filmhub – Through the eye of a teenage boy’s new camera, see a devilish house entrap an innocent family sworn to God while an evil seductress lures them into a nefarious cult. The boy shoots a found footage film. STARRING: Chris Pflueger, Jena Hunt, Julian Larach