Horror History: Wednesday, August 20, 1969: What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? was released in theaters

The battle of wits is on! Oscar(r) winners Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon ‘sharpen their claws on each other (Boxoffice) in this enjoyable piece of jolly horror (Los Angeles Times) about a lost fortune, a mad heiress and a housekeeper hellbent on digging up the truth! Mrs. Marrable (Page) is a society matron who’s had some shocking news. Her late husband left her only a stamp collection! Determined to maintain her extravagant lifestyle, she takes advantage of an unlikely new source of incomeher housekeepers by robbing them not only out of their life savings, but also their lives! The turnover rate for help speeds faster than a revolving door until Mrs. Marrable’s latest hire (Gordon) develops a drive to unearth the terrible secret buried in the front yard!