Horror History: Friday, May 23, 1986: Poltergeist II: The Other Side was released in theaters

“They’re back?” The now-penniless Freeling family-Diane (JoBeth Williams), Steve (Craig T. Nelson), Carol Anne (Heather O’Rouke) and Robbie (Oliver Robbins) – flee after their Cuesta Verde tract house is obliterated by poltergeists and take refuge with Gramma Jess (Geraldine Fitzgerald). But even here, peace is not to be found. When Gramma Jess dies, Carol Anne’s telephone spontaneously rings with a call from “the other side”-from Grandma Jess! Soon a benign Indian mystic, Taylor (Will Sampson), appears at the Freeling family’s doorstep, saying he has been “sent” to protect them from the “family curse”. Another poltergeist attack and Steve decides that the family must leave. But Taylor insists that they must stay and fight the evil.



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