Horror History: Sunday, November 8, 1987: “Tales From The Darkside” episode “The Yattering and Jack” premiered

Season 4 Episode 7

A minor demon named The Yattering (played by a moustachio-ed midget wearing a studded dogcollar and horns) is sent by Beelzebub to corrupt a man named Jack, but according to the rules, if the Yattering touches Jack, the demon then falls under the man’s control. Complicating matters, the man refuses to believe the demon exists, though his daughter is with him when various poltergeist phenomena caused by the demon take place, including a Christmas turkey which flaps around and lands on the tip of the Xmas tree. The Yattering touches Jack by mistake and becomes the man’s servant; the man says that his mother was a witch, which is why Hell wanted him damned so badly. Like Barker’s original story, this is played for laughs. Adapted for television by Clive Barker from his short story of the same name.


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