Horror History: Friday, July 19, 1996: “Tales From The Crypt” episode “The Third Pig” premiered

Season 7 Episode 13

In this show’s animated version of The Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait) slaughters Drinky Pig (voiced by Brad Garrett) and Smokey Pig (Charlie Adler), leaving the third pig Dudley (voiced by Cam Clarke) accused of the murders and found guilty by a jury of wolves. With the ghosts of his dead brothers helping him to escape, Dudley plans to take revenge on the Big Bad Wolf where he uses a laboratory owned by the previous mad scientist to create a zombie pig (also voiced by Brad Garrett) to help him. While John Kassir was also credited as the narrator and Cam Clarke voicing the Bailiff Wolf, this episode also features the voices of Corey Burton and Jim Cummings as different characters.

Source: “The Three Little Pigs”


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