Night Things (2010) Available June 29

After her deranged grandfather subjects her sister to a tragic experiment, Alex (Kathryn Gould) finds herself trapped between life and death, prisoner of a bubble in time and space created by a mysterious machine. Here she cannot die. Each accident, each fatal injury, each suicide simply ends in resurrection. She is doomed to live out her days searching hopelessly for an escape and defending the lives of fellow prisoners who have been sucked into the bubble. But a new arrival gives Alex hope. Haley (Joey Thomas), a young physics student, may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the Machine. But Alex and Haley are not alone. In the forest live the Lures, a race of creatures that are learning to mimic humans to insidious effect, and are determined to imprison humans until nightfall for the Night Things, beings of amorphous darkness that deliver something far worse than death to those who stray from the light. For when the Night Things take you, you don’t come back.

STARRING: Kathryn Gould, Joey Thomas, Ari Azimi, Carl Anderson, Haidyn Jenae Harvey