Camp Murder Available August 10

Tommy Heller (Jeff Kirkendall) has been locked away in a mental institution for the past 25 years after committing the Camp Murder Massacre. When his careless orderly (Mark Polonia) lets him escape from the care of Dr. Lewis, (Noyes J. Lawton) he returns to the Camp to continue his murder spree. A group of unsuspecting campers led by Cody (Kyle Rappaport), Tina (Pamela Sutch), and stoner pals Fred (Matt Bruzzio) and Jay (Victor Gaspar) are stalked by the machete wielding killer. During this slasher classic fame crazed novelist Katie Witt, (Jennie Russo) who will stop at nothing to get her story shows up at the camp, and Dr. Lewis is hot on Tommy’s trail. Can Dr. Lewis get to Katie before Tommy does? There are many questions to be answered in this actionpacked modern-day slasher classic.

STARRING: Mark Polonia, Kyle Rappaport, Will Collazo Jr.