Wednesday, August 25, 2021: The Old Ways Premieres Today on Netflix

Cristina, a journalist of Mexican origin, travels to her ancestral home in Veracruz to investigate a story of sorcery and healing. There, she is kidnapped by a group of locals who claim she’s the devil incarnated.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021: The Last Matinee Premieres Today on VOD

It’s a soaking wet day with rain pouring down and one of the best hings to do is to go seek refuge in a great old cinema. There’s only a problem: A scary murderer is on the loose and he also has taken refuge there.

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Horror History: Friday, August 24, 2001: Ghosts of Mars was released in theaters

Mars, 2176 AD. Long colonized by human settlers, the Red Planet has become the manifest destiny of an over-populated Earth. 640,000 people now live and work at far-flung outposts all over Mars, mining the planet for its abundant natural resources. But one of those mining operations has uncovered a deadly mother lode: a long-dormant Martian civilization whose warriors, now unleashed and apparent..

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Blind Beast – Official Trailer

Blind Beast is a grotesque portrait of the bizarre relationship between a blind sculptor and his captive muse, adapted from a short story from Japan’s foremost master of the macabre, Edogawa Rampo (Horrors of Malformed Men, The Black Lizard, Caterpillar).

An artist’s model, Aki (Mako Midori), is abducted, and awakens in a dark warehouse studio whose walls are decorated with outsized women’s body parts – eyes, lips, legs and breasts – and dominated by two recumbent giant statues of male and female nudes. Her kidnapper introduces himself as Michio (Eiji Funakoshi), a blind sculptor whom she had witnessed previously at an exhibition in which she featured intently caressing a statue of her naked torso. Michio announces his intention of using her to sculpt the perfect female form. At first defiant, she eventually succumbs to his intense fixation on her body and finds herself drawn into his sightless world, in which touch is everything.

Blind Beast is a masterpiece of erotic horror that explores the all-encompassing and overwhelming relationship between the artist and his art and the obsessive closed world that the artist inhabits, with maestro director Yasuzo Masumura (Giants and Toys, Irezumi) conjuring up a hallucinogenic dreamworld in which sensual and creative urges combine with a feverish intensity.

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Death Drop Gorgeous (Official Greenband Trailer) | Horror, Drag Slasher | Wicked Queer

A dejected bartender and an aging drag queen fight to survive the eccentric and hostile nightlife of a corrupt city, as a masked maniac slaugthers young gay men and drains them of blood.

In Theaters and Available On Demand: September 10th, 2021

Official Selection: Seattle Queer, Chicago Horror, Wicked Queer, VideoScream and more Festivals world-wide!

Directed by: Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras-Sanchez

Starring: Wayne Gonsalves, Payton St. James, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, Christopher Dalpe

When The Screaming Starts Teaser Trailer (2021) Horror

Aidan Mendle has a dream; he aspires to be an infamous serial killer. When struggling journalist, Norman, is invited to follow Aidan on his journey, he believes he has finally landed his big break. But as Aidan and his newly recruited murder cult embark on a bloodsoaked rampage, will Norman’s dream of becoming a renowned filmmaker turn into a nightmare Who will be remembered, who will be forgotten and who will be left behind chopped into little pieces?

Beware of the Klowns Wide Release Trailer

In Santa Mira, There’s a dark past causing a law against clowns. But now, after years of peace, a murder reveals a new threat. The only one who can stop it is the brave sheriff. The Sheriff is forced to protect the town and his twins, Joy and Lisa, from the terror that is the Klown King and his cult, The Klowns.

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Ghosts of Chernobyl | Official Trailer (2021)

A group of American tourists travels across Eastern Europe. By accident, they get to Chernobyl, where they face some local evil. These are the ghosts of killed citizens who tried to flee the city through military cordons. But it turns out that not all inhabitants of the Exclusion Zone are dead. The group have to reveal the mystery of an unusual girl from the dead city and try to get out from this place alive.

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