Blood Cove Movie Trailer

Deep in the swamplands of Beansboro, Indiana… a killer waits. And when a young reporter on vacation, Joanie Craven (Katie Harbridge), goes missing, it’s up to skeptical police chief Greg Fontana (Jeff Angel) and Joanie’s father Michael (Deron Morgan) to find her and bring an end to the infamous “Skull’s” reign of terror, which has lasted decades. Despite warnings from local town historian Walt Caruthers (George Stover), no one in the town believes the mysterious deaths are truly the work of the Skull, but he knows the truth. And he knows more blood will be shed before Fontana and Michael can find Joanie. But will she still be alive?

Coming in 2022 from SRS Cinema LLC

Moonlight Films presents Blood Cove

Starring: Katie Harbridge, Deron Morgan, Jeff Angel, George Stover, Tara Bixler, Eddie Dean Fish, Phillip Powers, Patti Danner, Martha Lee, Homer Abrams