Born in Blood (Vampire Queens Book 1) by Rachel L. Stedman Available April 30

Author: Rachel L. Stedman

Many vamps live ordinary lives, working as nurses, lorry drivers, teachers. But there is another group; the ones the stories are about. The dragons, the clan-leaders. Dragons are the reason we need the Houses; the reason Hunters exist.

My name is Madison, and I am a vampire hunter.

I’m deadly, fast and totally independent. I don’t need anyone’s help, least of all Brett O’Hagan’s. Sure, he’s good looking, and able to handle himself in a fight, but the last thing I need in my life is another complication. Although, when on business in Europe, I surprise a vamp attack on schoolgirls, Brett proves to be surprisingly useful.

Okay, so I’m grateful. Whatever. I’m not falling for him, oh no.

I have enough to do. My grandmother’s growing irritable (and since she’s a vampire, that’s a problem), plus Harry, my mentor, coach and father figure, has disappeared. And if that’s not enough, there’s trouble in the Hunter Houses, and rumors of a renegade dragon named Kade.

But Brett is amazingly good with his hands. In all the right ways.