Blood in the Water (2022) Available June 14

Zara is a young woman with a dark secret. She spends her days obsessing over the details of her husband’s imprisonment, and the woman that he allegedly killed. But this is abruptly interrupted by a masked sociopath who breaks into her flat, knocks her out and chains her up to a swimming pool along with five strangers. Soon, they realize they are not alone as the final member of the congregation is revealed: a terrifying Great White Shark. The game of the unseen sociopath then becomes clear as each of them are chosen to be dragged into the pool to become shark chum. As blood is spilled Zara learns that, in order to find true redemption, she will have to bare all and leave her fate in the hands of the sociopath and, more crucially, the shark that waits in the water.

STARRING: Hannah Ponting, Brendan Jones, Jamie Robertson, Amanda-Jade Tyler