All Must Die – Official Trailer (2022) | Horror | Slasher | Breaking Glass Pictures

Gina is about to get married, and her friends “kidnap” her for a last all-out bachelorette party. They have rented a country house up in the woods,miles away from the nearest neighbor. A perfect setting for the horror-themed party. The plan is to give her a proper scare. Dressed in red latex,and all on her own, Gina has to complete a strange rebus. At first it’s creepy but fun. But then things occur that can’t possibly be a part of the game. Or is Gina about to lose her grip of reality?

Available on VOD August 2, 2022

Cast: Viktoria Winge, Tinashe Williamson, Julia Schacht, Marte Sæteren
Directed by: Geir Greni
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