Mark of the Vampire (1935) Available October 11

In a remote village in Central Europe, a nobleman’s body is found drained of it’s blood and with two small punctures on the neck-the Mark of the Vampire. An ancient terror, a horror that won’t die, haunts the village: the long undead Count Mora (Bela Lugosi) and his daughter, Luna (Carroll Borland), rule the night. But the vampires have not fed on the people of the village for a very long time. Now, with the help of an expert in the occult, Professor Zelen (Lionel Barrymore), and local Baron Otto (Jean Hersholt), police inspector Neumann (Lionel Atwill) unearths a mystery far stranger and more terrifying than anyone could have imagined!

STARRING: Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allen, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, Jean Hersholt



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