A Kingdom of Glass and Fyre (Book One of the Shadowfyre Duology) by E.D. Lee Available January 1

Author: E.D. Lee

How far are you willing to go to change your fate?

Cress Glass is a young Princess, next in line to rule the Kingdom of Myrik. An overbearing father, a sister who rivals for the throne, and a missing brother all stand between her and her destiny.

A shadow kissed figure haunts her dreams, taking over the recess of her mind. His words and wisps of power call to her, drawing her across the sea to him with promises of home and love.

Her world faces challenges as she unlocks a secret power that she can’t control, one handed down from generations. Cress uncovers hidden truths in her family that cause her to rethink her life and the people she has in it. Will she have what it takes to truly change her fate and that of the world?