Fairydale by Veronica Lancet Available January 1

Author: Veronica Lancet

“I might be evil personified, but you’re the only one I’ll ever be good to.”

August 1955,

When Miss Darcy O’Sullivan, an orphaned English teacher from Boston, receives a letter that her biological father passed away, she is surprised to find herself included in his will.

There is only one condition.

She must travel to Fairydale to attend his funeral.

With the promise of a sizable inheritance, Darcy decides to journey to the small coastal town that holds the secrets of her birth. But the moment she steps foot into Fairydale, things start to go amiss.

Odd residents. Odd rumors. Odd…deaths.

Everything about Fairydale is odd.

Including brooding Caleb Hale-part of the infamous Hale family.

During the day, she falls deeper and deeper under his spell as he forces her to step out of her comfort zone and embrace her inner sensuality.

But at night it’s another man who haunts her dreams-Amon d’Artan, a nobleman who lived two centuries ago.

Amon is sweet and suave where Caleb is intense and dangerous, and Darcy feels more torn than ever. Soon, she finds herself embroiled in a web of lies, deceit, and inexplicable events that make her question her sanity.

When an ancient evil threatens the town and everything Darcy holds dear, she must make the ultimate choice.