Ghosts Revisited 4 (The Ghosts Revisited Series) by William P. Robertson Available January 1

Author: William P. Robertson

GHOSTS REVISITED 4 contains William P. Robertson’s most intense ghost stories yet. A murder-suicide fuels an American Legion tale while a lumber baron’s deal with the devil drives the Litch House legend. There are plenty of poltergeists, too, who slam doors angrily three times in succession and pin people beneath toppled furniture. Those who burned to death in tragic fires also return to cause havoc. East Otto Cemetery, meanwhile, is home to two headless specters and their ax-wielding killer. Hit-and-run victims, a murdered clerk, and a grieving mother refuse to rest after death, as well. Many incidents were told to the author by those afflicted by troubled spirits. That makes these tales more personal and ultimately more terrifying. What’s revisited will make your skin crawl!