Dungeonteers : A Shifter’s Journey: Changeling Progression Fantasy Book 2 by Warden Locke Available January 4

Author: Warden Locke

The whole city of elves is against him, but he’s trying not to take it personally

Huey is a Dungeonteer, which means he can run dungeons, make loads of gold, and loot gorgeous women into his team. It isn’t all fun and games though, and his new life has led to one problem after another. His dungeon hall needs a restaurant, because he’s a wanted criminal, and can’t risk going to the surface too often. However, when one of his friends falls ill, he’ll put all his needs aside to build a library to research a cure. Hopefully, before it’s too late.

A dying friend isn’t his only problem though. Corruption is spreading across Vehpaul, his home city, and Huey doesn’t know who he can trust. In the middle of the corruption is the mother of the woman he’s trying not to fall in love with, and Huey doesn’t know if only the mother is in the mix, or if her daughter is as well. Innocent people have been imprisoned, and it’s all coming down to Huey to see them freed.

Dungeonteers is a universe in which running a dungeon can be a career, and a lucrative one at that. There are stores that will buy your loot, and sell items to aid a Dungeonteer on their next run. If one can survive the danger, there’s money to be made, fame to be had, and tons of gorgeous companions, called Collectionals, to be gained. Read along as our hero, Huey, goes from being a naïve, bumbling fool, to the hero the city so desperately needs. Dungeonteers: A Shifter’s Journey, is the first tale in an ever-expanding universe, with more tales, and main characters to come. The story includes:

-RPG elements as seen in video games -A compelling story that’s equal parts heroics and slice-of-life -shapeshifting! -loot! -gorgeous women! -harem-like elements that may not be suitable for younger readers.

Pick up Dungeonteers: A Shifter’s Journey 2 today, and discover the job you wish you had.