The Redemption of Claudius Brand (Claudius and Tessa Book 3) by Allison Miller Available January 2

Author: Allison Miller

Time has come full circle for Tessa Marlowe, bringing her back to the yellow house in Eden. After a horrifying encounter with a fish like monster, Tessa is sent back in time to 1922. Once there, she is greeted by Claudius Brand, a man she knows to have died in a factory explosion on 1937. Figuring all she has to do is warn him and she can return to her own time, Tessa does that. However, as she looks into her future, she sees things she’d rather not come to fruition.

Choosing to remain with Claudius, passion blooms between them. However, those that wish to cause Tessa and Claudius harm won’t let a century’s difference stop them.