Socks by Tom Duffy Available January 5

Author: Tom Duffy

From the author of Zodiac and Panicus Satanicus

Chris is afraid.

He’s afraid of the wave pool at the water park, the bullies constantly after him, and his mom finding the pile of cum socks under his bed. But high school is starting, and that’s what scares him the most.

When Chris sits next to Andy, the new girl in town, he didn’t expect to make a new friend. And after Andy stands up to Chris’s long-time bully, they become inseparable.

During a late-night masturbation session with his favorite sock, Chris accidentally summons a demon, an evil entity capable of animating his socks and using them for its nightmarish goal.

The socks are alive, hungry, and will let nothing stop them from tearing everything apart.

Chris and Andy find themselves in a gross fight against mutant cum socks, and a battle with their own demons. There’s only one way for them to beat both: face their fears–and try not to touch anything.