The Auramancer’s Exorcism (Books 1-4 of the Auramancer’s Exorcism) by Joshua E. B. Smith Available January 7

Author: Joshua E. B. Smith

A cursed priest with a dead woman in his dreams. Rumblings of a demon thought vanquished on the waves. A sadistic vampire stalking the city streets. If Akaran can’t overcome his own demons, the Safest City in the Kingdom will succumb to bloody insanity…

BOXED SET: Contains five novels of grimdark, brutal fantasy horror as the one man crazy enough to believe a vampire is real is the one man everyone believes is too mad to be trusted.

Exorcist Akaran DeHawk’s story continues as he’s sent to recover at a manorhouse for the magically be-maddened, though what hides in the hallowed walls of Medias Manor is more malevolent than motherly. Between a broken knee, nightmares that won’t cease, and a curse that’s stopped him from being able to channel the divine will of his Goddess, he’s seen better days – and he’s entirely content to wait for those days to return.

But even in the safest city in the Kingdom, the dead know no rest – and no respite for their insanity. As bodies pile up in the streets and madness finds a rapturous joy in the blood of the fallen, a merchant of secrets prowls every nook and corner in search of an object of power as a war for the underworld threatens to spill into the light. If Akaran can’t stop a murderer no one believes is real, there will be worse things to confront than simply death.

The lost will find Respite, the murderous will find Rapture, and insanity will bring a Reckoning. But if he can’t bring an end to the maddness, their suffering will only be Insanity’s Requiem…