Wrath and Lust : Birth of a Sin Volume Three by Coda Languez Available January 9

Author: Coda Languez

The lines between Love and War blur in the final installment this dark romance. One thing is certain, Tristan and Ira will never be the same again.

“I love you…I know you don’t believe me but I do…I’ll prove it to you.”

Yeah, right.

Tristan didn’t believe her.

How could he?

Ira was the woman who kidnapped him, imprisoned him, tortured him, and forced him to become a genetic abomination. She is a ticking time bomb. A monster that feeds on death and fear.

Yet the longer he spends in her gilded cage, the more he sees through the Wrath and madness. The longer he spends with her, the more she exposes her mutilated heart.

There was no one more powerful, more beautiful, more rich than Ira Dante. And she wanted to give him everything.

So he was going to take it. Every single inch she offered, he will possess a mile.

She wanted to turn him into a monster, just like her.

Will a new sin be born, just as she planned?

Or will her wish tear them both into pieces?